About Me

About Me

Hello everybody! I guess you are wandering who is the person behind all those delicious cakes? Well it's me Sunny. I am 25 years old and i work as a proffesional pastry chef in a city centre bakery. 

At work i am making cakes whole day, every day! In my years of experiance i have made countless cakes for clients, friends and offcourse myself. I also make my own recipes as you have already seen in the blog.

I love when people give me some feedback of my work, i would appreciate if very much if you ever take the time to make one of my cakes. Leaving me a comment on a cake makes me very happy too!

Thank you for visiting!


  1. Hi Sunny,

    I noticed that your recipes are in grams, etc, not the usual cups, etc in American recipes so I was wondering what country you are located? I came to your blog b/c you had visited my site and left a message. I have a few videos on it, but really need to pick up and get more on there. Anyway, I appreciate the visit to my site and found yours very good!

  2. hi,
    Your cakes are beautiful but your ingredients are not like american..what is bakery cream?


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