Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sunny's Easy Blueberry Cake

Easy Blackberry Cake
by Sunny

Hi all! Its me Sunny again.. today at work i was requested to put together a Blackberry cake for a client that needed it in less then 3 hours.

I didn't have any time to make something complicated so here's what i've put together thanks to my years of pastry experiance and a little imagination. (see pic)


  • 3 cake layers (the ones you buy in the store)
  • Bakery Cream 400 ml
  • 2 jars of Blackberry Jam (marmalade could work too/blueberry works also)
  • 2 spoons of honey
  • 120 ml of water
  • 2-3 spoons of Blueberry Juice

Now first you need to heat up the water and add the honey to it, stear it with a wooden spoon so the honey dissolves completely into the water. After that let the water cool off a bit but not completely.

Now take the cream into a bowl and add the Blackberry Juice to it and mix it with the mixer on low speed. You will notice that the cream will get a nice light purple to pink color (like the one on the picture between the layers).

Take the first cake layer and put it into a cake form. 
Sip 1/3 of the honeywater all over the layer so it gets a bit soaky. After that smear the upper side of that same layer with 1/3 of the pinky cream you just made. Then smear the same layer (yes upon the cream) with Blackberry Jam.
Rise and repeat with the next 2 layers.

Now that you got the base done you should smear the whole top with the rest of the pinky cream. Thin out the rest of the Blackberry Jam with a bit of water (few spoons) so it spreads better and smear a thick layer all over the cake.

If you got any cream left you can decorate the outskirts of the cake like i did on the picture, if you dont its not a problem. Leave the cake in the fridge for atleast 2 hours before serving.

If you are quick enough this cake can be made within 10-15 minutes, thats why i call it my Easy Blackberry Cake.

Enjoy your cake!

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